"O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." -- Psalm 95:1
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Old-fashioned conservative music performed by Independant, Fundamental Baptist Musicians.

The Marvin West Family

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Almost Home

The West Family

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. But For The Blood
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. Almost Home
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. Mercy
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. This Blessed Old Book
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. Just One More Soul
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. I Know Him
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. He Didn't Stay Dead
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. I Have Been Blessed
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Glory To His Name (Instrumental)
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. Precious Jesus
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   11. God On The Mountain
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   12. That's My Child

Jesus Is Waiting For Me

The West Family

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. I'll Stick With The Old Stuff
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. Jesus Is Waiting For Me
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. Let Me Tell You About Jesus
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. Heaven, Can You Imagine
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. I Believe God
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. Under Grace
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. Too Blessed To Be Depressed
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. Lord, You're The Best Thing
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Thank God I'm Free
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. So Blessed
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   11. My Best Friend
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   12. Near The Cross (Instrumental)
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   13. David's Medley

Nearer My God To Thee

Marvin West

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. Amazing Grace
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. The Glory-Land Way
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. It Is Well With My Soul
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. I Want To Know More About My Lord
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. Till The Storm Passes By
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. At The Cross
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. Nearer My God To Thee
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. Mansion Over The Hilltop
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Precious Memories
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. Where The Soul Never Dies

The Value Of One

The West Family

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. Covered By The Blood
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. The Value of One
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. Give Him The Glory
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. Where We'll Never Grow Old
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. I Believe
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. Jesus Is Hope
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. Praise God, It's Settled, I'm Saved
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. The Lily Of The Valley
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Paid In Full
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. God Is My Refuge
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   11. The Last Blood
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   12. When They Ring Those Golden Bells

I'd Never Miss Heaven For The World

Britney & Seth West

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. God Has Been So Good to Me
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. He Loves Me Like I Was His Only Child
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. Thank Him For The Blood
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. He Loves Me
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. I'd Never Miss Heaven For The World
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. It's Amazing What Praising Can Do
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. Saved To The Uttermost
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. I'll Be There
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. When We Hear Him Say Come On
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. Cherish The Moment
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