"O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." -- Psalm 95:1
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Old-fashioned conservative music performed by Independant, Fundamental Baptist Musicians.

The Tharp Brothers

Visit Pastor Darren Tharp on the web at
New Hope Baptist Church

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The Tharp Brothers or Pastor Darren Tharp
Call (816) 922-9495

O Glorious Love!

Pastor Darren Tharp

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. O Glorious Love!
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. Who Am I?
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. Were It Not For Grace
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. What Salvation's Done For Me
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. Ship Ahoy
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. When God Ran
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. Almost Morning
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. Wish You Were Here
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. O What a Moment
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. Midnight Cry

I Will Serve Thee

The Tharp Brothers

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. Somebody Touched Me
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. Keep on the Firing Line
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. Down From His Glory
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. Farther Along
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. We Believe
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. Canaanland Is Just in Sight
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. I'll Meet You in the Morning
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. That Glad Reunion Day
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. Sweet Beulah Land
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   11. I Will Serve Thee

Thinkin' About Home

The Tharp Brothers

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. What A Savior
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. I've a Home Beyond the River
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. I Can See (On the Emmaus Road)
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. Had It Not Been
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. Let the Lower Light Be Burning
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. Cross Medley
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. It's Still the Blood
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Master of the Sea
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. Thinkin' About Home
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