"O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." -- Psalm 95:1
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Old-fashioned conservative music performed by Independant, Fundamental Baptist Musicians.

Robbie Mullinax

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I Know Him

Robbie Mullinax

HighSpeed   Dial-Up   1. Somewhere in Gloryland
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   2. I Know Him
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   3. I've Come Too Far
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   4. I'd Rather Be Saved
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   5. It's Different Now (Sin Met Grace)
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   6. Moved Up
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   7. He's So Very Good to Me
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   8. Then I Met the Master
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   9. Preachin' in Prison
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   10. The Promise
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   11. I'd Rather Be Saved (acoustic reprise)
HighSpeed   Dial-Up   12. The Chicken Song
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