"O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." -- Psalm 95:1
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Old-fashioned conservative music performed by Independant, Fundamental Baptist Musicians.

The Beck Family

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He's All That Matters

The Beck Family

(Sample Clips Coming Soon!)
1. He Wrote My Name
2. Jesus Passed By My Way
3. He's All That Matters
4.I'm Ready To Leave
5. So Much To Thank Him For
6. I've Missed Out
7. I'm Gonna Stay That Way
8. Potter and the Clay
9. Who's On The Lord's Side
10. I Saw The Light (Stringer Version)

Faithfully, We Will Serve

The Beck Family

(Sample Clips Coming Soon!)
1. I Have No Doubt
2. He Did It All For Me
3. I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
4. Somebody Touched the Lord
5. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
6. I'll Stick With The Old Stuff
7. I Won't Walk Without Jesus
8. Stand By Me
9. That Sounds Like Home to Me
10. I Can't Think Of One thing
11. I'll Drop My Anchor
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